Course (MSc): Software Skills Lab

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This 5 ECTS course is a joint teaching unit of the three BeNeFri universities which ensures that students obtain a basic level of programming skills when starting their Master’s studies. Therefore, the course comprises three main themes:

(i) Data structures and representation,
(ii) Algorithms and complexity, and
(iii) Data analysis.

Each theme is taught in a different university. Each session in a theme revolves around a particular problem and builds on top of the previous sessions. Students should complete the exercises of the previous session before the new one starts.



  • 21-Sep-22: Java Crash Course
  • 28-Sep-22: Linear Data Structures
  • 05-Oct-22: Graphs and Trees
  • 12-Oct-22: Sets and Maps
  • 19-Oct-22: (Data Structure) Algorithms