VariVolution Workshop at SPLC 2023

At the SPLC in Tokyo, Sandra Greiner co-organized the sixth edition of the VariVolution workshop. The workshop aims at bringing together researchers studying software evolution and variability from different angles as well as practitioners encountering these phenomena in real-world applications and system:

Just like software in general, software product lines are permanently subject to change. This introduces evolution as a second problem dimension in addition to variability, which is the primary phenomenon addressed by software product line engineering. Traditionally, the methods and tools applied for revision control and variant management are radically different and mutually disjoint, although research has already suggested that evolution and variability can be tackled in a holistic way. Concrete examples of integrating approaches include uniform or unified versioning, delta-orientation in connection with hyper feature models, evolution-aware clone-and-own, projectional SPL editing, and variation control systems.